Pastor Ock Soo Park

Mind Education Expert Orthodox Gospel Evangelist


  • Minister of Youth World Forum (2011- Attendance of Ministers from over 20 countries)
  • President of IYF World Camp (2011)
  • Award of Appreciation from Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (2010)
  • Foundation of Mahanaim Cyber Theological College (2010)
  • Sent 3,005 College Student Volunteers to over 70 Countries through Good News Corps Program (March, 2010)
  • Founded GBS Broadcasting Station in Kenya, Africa (2009)
  • Founded Good News Medical Volunteer with Annual Oversea Activities (2008)
  • Founded Mahanaim University in New York, USA (2007)
  • Received Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy Degree from National University of Mongolia (2006)
  • Published 'Notes on Genesis' Sermon in the New York Times Biweekly (2006 ~ 2007)
  • Held IYF World Camp Overseas (Started in Australia in 2005; held in over 30 countries in 2010)
  • Published 'Notes on Genesis' Sermon in Los Angeles Times Biweekly (2004 ~ 2006)
  • 'New Leader of Korean Churches' Award (May, 2004, the Daily Sports).
    'True Religious Person Award' (September, 2004, the Herald Business).
    '2005 New Korean Award' (December 1st, 2005, the Hankook Ilbo).
  • Excellent TI&E Lecturer Appointed by Army Headquarters; Started Suicide Prevention Lectures in the Military (2004)
  • Founded the Lincoln House School, an alternative school (2004)
  • Founded Good News Corps University Students Overseas Volunteer Program (2002)
  • President of IYF World Camp (President from 2001; over 2,000 students attend every year)
  • Founded International Youth Fellowship (IYF) (2001)
    - Held International Youth Retreat every 2 years from 1995 and registered as 'International Youth Fellowship' in 2001; Leading Youths as the President of the 'World Camp' and 'Global Camp' every year.
  • Founded Gracias Choir (2000)
  • Broadcasted 'Notes on Genesis' on 'LA Radio Korea' in the USA for 5 years;
    Now Broadcasting Translated Sermons through TV in Los Angeles, New York, South America, Africa, etc.(since 1997)
  • Built Good News Mission Retreat Center (1993)
  • Daejeon Prison Reformation Committee Member(1991~ 1993)
  • After sending the first missionary to Germany (1989), established 156 churches in over 80 countries so far to do missionary work.
  • Started missionary work in prison as Reformation Committee Member of Suwon Prison (1988 ~ 1990)
    - Led Prisoners to live a new life
  • Published First Edition 'Secret of Forgiveness of Sin and Being Born Again' (1987)
    - Sold over 500,000 copies in Korea, 500,000 copies overseas; translated and published in 24 main languages globally including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Russian, Tagalog, etc; Wrote 38 Books Afterwards.
  • Started Bible Crusade in Major Cities (1986)
    - Held First Bible Crusade in Busan and Expanded to Annual Tour across Major Cities in Korea, including Seoul, Daegu, Incheon, Daejeon, Gwangju. Additionally, has also preached the Gospel as Bible Seminar Lecturer in Major Cities all over the world including Los Angeles, New York in the USA, Tokyo, Nairobi in Kenya, Accra in Ghana, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Lima in Peru, Moscow, St. Petersburg in Russia, etc.
  • Founded Good News Mission (1986)
  • Main Lecturer of 'Gospel Time' in 'Summer/Winter Spiritual Retreat' every year for over 40 Years.
  • Founded Korea Gospel Missionary School (1976)
  • To date, established 182 domestic and 156 overseas churches in more than 80 countries
  • Ordination as Pastor by Missionary Dick York (1971)
  • Sent to First Ministry Area, Apgok-Dong, Hapcheon-Gun, Gyeongnam (1963)
  • Enrolled in 'Shield of Faith Mission' Missionary School (1962 ~ 1964)
    - Graduated from Theology School Operated by Foreign Missionaries Dick York, Marlin Baker, others.
  • Born Again by Grace of God (1962)
  • Born in Seonsan, Gyeongbuk (1944)