마음을 투닝하는 영혼의 멘토링

박옥수목사 사진

Pastor Ock Soo Park does not hesitate to say that
being a pastor is the happiest job in the world.

Since a couple years ago, he increasingly became known as the "Youth Problems Expert" and the "Mind Education Expert". For the past 20 years, he met around a hundred thousand students worldwide through lectures and counseling. The "Youth Problems Expert" and the "Mind Education Expert" are glorious nicknames dedicated to him by numerous youths whose values, thoughts and lives have changed through him.

All individuals, regardless of age and gender, discover the dark clouds of their hearts that clear up and turn into fine autumn skies through talking to him, which is truly amazing. His answer to the question of the secret to his ability is that he discovered the way people's hearts flow through the Bible, in other words, the world of the heart. As a young man, he was a bookworm that read practically all the books laying around his hometown. Since he began the road of a pastor, he read the Bible hundreds of times. The number of times that he read the Bible however is not what is important. What really matters is that he discovered the truth within the Bible—the world of the heart.

The Bible to him is like a book containing precedents to the problems that humans meet in life. When a young man with a difficulty comes to him, he explains the way of the heart through a figure in the Bible. Then the young man learns where his heart is located and meets the solution to his problem. There are individual youths like this young man spread out all over the world. They now live new lives after being rectified in their hearts.

With silver hair and a smile from ear to ear, he has the features of a benevolent grandfather. He travels to over 40 countries every year to hold four-day camps for youths. In each of the countries he visits throughout the year, he pours out his heart to the youths through the mind lectures.

He runs with the college students for a short distance marathon on the last day of the camps. Time difference, weather, age, language, and ideology have never become a problem to him. Even with 52 weeks in a year, his tight schedule is something an average person cannot endure. However, his heart is greener, more passionate, and gentler than any twenty-year old.