• I often fall into the worldly temtation



       From a student sister,


    I’m a female student in my third year of middle school. I’ve been going to church since elementary school and have received salvation in the 5th grade. During elementary school I went to church very diligently. As I went to middle school, however, I started to dislike attending church, and the number of days I attended gradually decreased. Now I’m in the state of going only once a month. Although my mind keeps saying, “I should go, I should go,” when it becomes Saturday or Sunday, going to church seems tedious, and I don’t feel like going. The world looks better to me... Once I went to the 3rd week retreat instead of going to the Student Camp, and the fellowship I had there really touched my heart. Now I am trying to go back to church, but I feel like the things of the world will tempt me again, which is why I am seeking consultation. That is all...


    Although it is not very organized, I hope you will understand Pastor…

    (Student from Busan/ Busan Grace Church)




        To the student sister,


    I ask that the Lord’s grace be multiplied to you.

    I am thankful for your consultation and even more thankful that you spoke honestly about your   difficult  situation. Actually, anyone in their school days is in the process of learning, so there will be a lot of curiosity. Most of the time, temptation originates from trying to unravel your curiosity for the unknown world, but there are many people who fall into temptations and lose their balance in life, driving themselves towards destruction. I hope that our Lord is inside your heart to provide you with the power and knowledge to overcome those temptations and sins. I believe the Lord will give you the strength to overcome when you think about how He died for us being nailed to the cross. Your soul will gain strength as you read the words inside the Bible and have fellowship. The word can seem tedious because you don’t understand it at first. However, there is no one who understands it the first time, so continue to have a victorious life through the word and prayer inside of church.




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