• Proven book that gives hope to young people


    Books are food to our minds. We often observe that a good book changes a whole community as well as a person’s life. Many books that I read as a young adult still give much help to me like a spouse while I work as a government official.


    Each page of Pastor Park Ock-soo’s book contains precious experiences that Pastor Park has shared with young adults over the last twenty years. It is not merely a collection that he wrote sitting at a desk. He actually went wherever he could, to cold and hot, rich and poor countries meeting with tens of thousands of college students. This is why his book is so valuable and touching to its readers. The book is organized around ten themes such as mind, desire, self-control, wisdom, change, and more. It is appealing because it shows the concerns and pains of the world’s young people and vividly illustrates how they experience changes by opening their minds and talking to one another.


    By presenting real-life episodes, this book taught me that young adults everywhere suffer from similar problems and difficulties, and that through sincere conversation, they change. I was especially touched by the pictures and accounts of our college students who found new lives of hope by volunteering in remote areas in Tanzania, Togo, Cameroon, and other countries. 


    These young people’s overseas volunteer work and their precious life experiences they earned are invaluable, and this book conveys them well. Therefore, it gives hard evidence that books are indeed “food to our minds.”


    I was told that in the near future this book is to be translated into Chinese, English, Spanish, and other languages. I hope that troubled young people everywhere who have lost their will for life can find hope and courage by reading this book.



    June, 2011

    Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism

    Byung-kook Jung



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