• If only there were a few more people like him in our country...


    I greatly respect Pastor Ock Soo Park.


    I’m sorry to say it this way but I think of Pastor Ock Soo Park as a genie. I don’t mean it in an evil way but rather when he says, ‘Let there be gold,’ gold appears; ‘Let there be silver,’ silver appears, and when he tells a sick person, ‘Be healed,’ one is healed. I mean it in this good sense.


    In this strictly self-centered world, when he says, ‘Let there be love,’ love arises and the spring of ethics flows from one’s heart; he is such a genie. I think if only there were a few more genies like him in our country, our people would be greatly respected, our nation would  be happy, and our people would become happy. This is why I truly respect Pastor Ock Soo Park.


     Our citizens are very good people, but they continuously forget their good origins and rather flow to materialism. They say, ‘I don’t care if my neighbor dies from hunger, I can eat and live however I want because I have money’, ‘It doesn’t matter that I’m not ethical because I can be successful if I study’; these kinds of moods began to overtake our society.  This is neither a country nor a national problem. This is not what we are really like. This is not something we can boast about. If your neighbor is in pain, share that pain; take that person to the hospital, or at least give that person a cup of water; this is the kind of mind and love we desire of a nation. However, we are not such a nation; this is a catastrophe.



    Pastor Ock Soo Park is someone who brings out the origin of people. Gratefully, many young people are affected by Pastor Park and are living an upright life. When people with the heart to love one another and share another’s pain and loneliness from poverty live together, our country can shine.


    Former Prime Minister, Soo-sung Lee



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