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    My friend Ock-soo Park Who Has Been the Same for the Last Forty Years

    When Pastor Ock-soo Park joined the army and worked at the Wonju Communication Training Camp preaching the Gospel. He shared his heart with two friends. About forty years ago, he preached the Gospel in the army like he does now. We met one of his two friends, Soon-jong Song whom we have often heard about in Pastor Park’s testimony and listened to vivid stories of Pastor Ock-soo Park’s military life.

    Pastor Ock-soo Park often talked about you when he mentioned his military service days. How did you meet him again after leaving the army?

    Ten years ago Pastor Park tried to call everybody named Soon-jong Song who lived in Gwangju from a phone book one by one and he finally got connected with me. At that time I was really glad to receive his phone call. The fact that he didn’t forget me, touched me. Now when he comes to Gwangji, he calls me. I have been to the 2006 IYF Hawaii Global Camp with him.

    Please tell us about those days as trainees when you spent time with private Ock-soo Park at the Wonju Communication Training Camp.

    At the camp during the Troop Information and Education sessions, Private Ock-soo Park taught many biblical stories to us. I still remember the time when he explained interestingly about Israel by even drawing maps. Because he explains the words in the Bible using interesting parables and episodes, not even a single person fell asleep and all the listeners enjoyed his teachings.

    Even our trainer recognized him, saying “Hey, Private Park, come out and spend one hour with us!” In our barracks my bed was next to his one. Private Park regarded a spiritual life as a more important one than army life. Because we understood his heart, another friend and I used to clean up our barracks and arrange room properties so that Pastor Park could have time to read the Bible and pray. From time to time, I was beaten by the handle of a pickax because I failed in cleaning up my stuff on time while cleaning up Pastor Park’s. Many of our colleagues used to call him “pastor” since he was preaching the Word, and now I see that he became a real pastor.
    What Is the most memorable incident during your army life?

    Once, three of us saluted the major general who was passing by, and he awarded us a commendation and special leave even though we were trainees. We were the first case of trainees receiving special leave. At that time I did not go back to my home, but went to Daegu along with Private Park. If my parents had known that, they might have been sad. But I liked Private Park that much and we spent much time together. During the vacation, we stayed in the house of a missionary from the Netherlands and went to the Apkog-dong church and other places to preach the Gospel. It was truly an unforgettable time.

    How was Pastor Ock-soo Park as a person, when you watched him closely?

    Serving God was the priority to Private Park. He prayed by himself in the bunker far way in the cold winter. Whenever he had spare time, he read the Bible and preached the Gospel. After finishing communication training at the camp, he stayed there and continued to do religious work through the major general’s help. I heard that he built a church at the camp and even civilians joined services there. Not everyone could do those kinds of things. I saw how God helped him through his faith.

    Do you have anything to say to your friend Pastor Park?

    It is important to keep your health as you are getting old. I hope Pastor Ock-soo Park will maintain his health to travel around the world and preach the Gospel. If it is possible in the near future, I would like to travel with him, too. I always thank him for his considerate heart thinking of me in spite of his busy schedule.

    Visit to the Person in the Testimony _ Soon-jong Song
    (65, male, director in Gwangju Branch, Korea Barbers Association)





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