• That Grandmother’s Gratitude Was Supposed to Go to Jesus


    It happened when I was preaching the gospel in Geochang. One day after witnessing, on my way home, I saw a large white handkerchief wrapped around something under a tree standing at a newly constructed road side. I saw that there was something inside. Hence, I got off my bicycle and picked the handkerchief up. The handkerchief was used to wrap a parcel several times over. “What’s inside?” I thought. When I unwrapped it, a bundle of money came out. In addition, it was a large sum of money. “Who left so much money lying around here? If the owner of this money discovers that he lost this money, his heart will be in much pain . . .” With this heart, I rode very quickly on my bicycle.


    A few miles away, two elderly women were talking to one another while they were walking. “One of them could be the owner,” I thought, so I stopped the elderly women. “Ladies, would you take a look at this, please?” I showed her the parcel wrapped in a handkerchief. Then, one of the women said, “Oh my gosh, my money!” She grabbed the handkerchief, and I was so happy to see the elderly woman find her money.


    This woman had earned her money that day by selling silkworms in a market. She wrapped it with her handkerchief several times over and put it inside her pocket. On her way home, even though there were buses she could have taken, in order to save on bus fare, she walked. While she sat under a tree to take a rest for a while, she left her parcel of money there. The elderly woman was so glad about this, “Oh young man, I am so grateful for a person like you! Like this so great of you, young man. I really want to take you somewhere and treat you to some wine.” I politely declined accepting anything from this elderly woman who wanted to repay me somehow. I got on my bicycle again and went along my way. As I was returning home, I suddenly thought to myself.


    “If I had not received salvation, I would never have turned back that money. I would have rather said, ‘Wow, I’m very lucky,’ and I would have spent the money freely.”


    Then, I thought more deeply about myself. I was a person who wanted that kind of money, but I also wanted the money that was inside other people’s pockets if it was safe for me to take. I was this kind of person, but I returned the large amount of money for no reason. “I changed a lot after I received salvation.” With this heart, I was reminded of Jesus who changed me like this greatly. “That’s right. That elderly woman thinks that I returned that money to her because I am a good person. However, I was not such a person originally! Only Jesus changed me!” I considered that it was not right that I received the elderly woman’s gratitude. This gratitude was supposed to go to Jesus.


    I turned the bicycle around, and I returned to the elderly women. I met the owner of the money and gave her my testimony.

    “I was originally not a person who could return this money. However, Jesus changed me like this. The one who should receive your gratitude is not me, but Jesus.”

    Then, I preached the Word of God and told her that they should believe Jesus. Though they could not accept Jesus at that time, I wished that they could meet Jesus somehow through this incident.


    If I had gotten the money, Jesus would have felt uncomfortable. Also, it would have later become an obstacle for me to depend on the Lord strongly. It was true that I had many difficulties financially in those days. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit both protected and directed me not to be lured into temptations to this day. Through that incident, I was thankful that I could feel that Jesus was in my heart rather than feeling that I had done something good.





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