• As God Keeps the Fish, He Also Keeps Me


    Before I was drafted by the army, I preached the gospel at a small church in Jangpal-ri, Geochang, Gyeongnam Province. At the time we were very poor; so we did not even have the bare necessities in the church. Especially in winter, I could not stand the cold because I could not heat the room. After the night services, I had hoped that the brothers and the sisters would stay for a while; however, they would go home early because it was so cold. I was left in the church alone. At night, I would put on a Sunday school chart instead of a blanket. I often thought, “If I have to live like this, I will die, and tomorrow morning they will find my dead body.”

    My hometown was in Sunsan, Gyeongbuk Province. It was not too far from Geochang. Even if I should die because I was depending on God alone, I never thought of going home and asking for help from my family. When I woke up, I felt like my entire body was freezing. I thought that I could not last the winter.


    One day, I went to a stream to wash my face. Although the water was very thickly frozen, I was able to see through the clear ice that fish were swimming under the ice. At that moment, an inspiration came to me.

    “If God keeps the fish in the cold weather, how much more will God keep His love for His child in such cold weather.”

    That thought came into my mind and I was impressed upon it very deeply; so, I could survive the winter. The winter of faith came to me many times; however, I continued to think, “God, who keeps the fish in the cold winter, will also keep me.”

    This faith conquered a very difficult situation, and reminded me to continue to preach only the gospel.




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