• Do You Have a Father?


    When I was receiving missionary training under Missionary Dick York, whatever we needed we couldn’t ask anyone for it or hint that we needed anything. We could only ask God. At the time, our country was hungry and poor. If Missionary Dick York sent one letter to America he wouldn’t have to suffer, but even while starving and shivering in a cold room, he depended only upon God. We, who were being trained, often ran out of food and starved. This one day as well, there was no food, so in the morning we gathered at the table and drank hot water. The missionary saw this and called each person and began to hold interviews. It soon became my turn.

    “Did you eat breakfast?” he asked.
    “No, I haven’t,” I replied.
    “Why did you starve?”
    “Because there was no food.”
    How can starving due to me not having food be my fault?
    “Why didn’t you have food?” he asked.
    Even though he knew we had no money to buy food, I had no idea why he was asking these questions. That is why I sat there without saying a word. Then he asked me another question.
    Brother Ock Soo Park, do you have a father?”
    I had both the father of my flesh, and my father, my Lord, so I answered, “Yes, I do.”
    “If you ask your father to give you food, will he give you food or not?”
    “Yeah, in the Bible it says that if we ask it will be given to us, but in reality is that how it really is?” I thought to myself.
    Even though I said I believed in God, they were just words. Those words had nothing to do with my actual life. However, that day’s interview was unforgettable.
    Each time I preach the Word, I know the Lord recorded that He cleansed all of our sins in the Bible, but they were always just the Words in the Bible to many. In reality, most people have sin still remaining in their hearts.

    No matter how much Bible we know, to those who have not been able to cleanse sin from their heart, it is all simply knowledge, not faith. The Words in the Bible aren’t knowledge, but the power of the living God. In truth, do we believe in the God who works in our lives? Is it the Word of power something that is accurately fulfilled in my life? When we cannot believe that God will help us, we seek help from man and can only use humanistic methods. I live depending only on God, and while depending only on Him, I began to learn the principles of doing the works of the gospel.







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