• The Bible, the Word of God with the Power to Change




    The Bible, the Word of God with the Power to Change





    “The Bible is the Word of God and Jesus Christ is God who came in the form of man.  Denying the word of the Bible means denying God and Jesus Christ.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park, Oct. 28, 2007 Sunday Sermon)


    “In spiritual life, it’s very important to deeply understand the heart of Jesus that flows in the Bible and receive that heart into our hearts.  I love the Bible because there is no one who does not change when the word of the Bible enters into their heart.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park, People Who’d Met Jesus, p.15)


    “My spiritual life changed when I began to put trust in the word of God and not in my feelings or perceptions.” (Pastor Ock Soo Park, Monthly Good News Magazine, March 2004).


    The thing that Pastor Ock Soo Park most often mentions in his sermons is, “the Bible is the one and only infallible word of the living God,” and the thing he most often emphasizes is that the Bible contains the power of God to change a man’s heart and life.  This is one of the biggest issues that clearly differentiate the Bible from all of the other books in the world.  In short, since the Bible was introduced to mankind, the hearts and lives of countless people have been changed and even now God changes people through the Bible.  Of course, this fact was the most important foundation of spiritual life for orthodox evangelists and evangelical theologians like the 16th century religious reformists.


    “...but turn from them to the reading of the Sacred Volume, and whether you will or not, it will so

    affect you, so pierce your heart, so work its way into your very marrow, that, in comparison of the

    impression so produced, that of orators and philosophers will almost disappear; making it manifest

    that in the Sacred Volume there is a truth divine, a something which makes it immeasurably superior

    to all the gifts and graces attainable by man.” (Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book First Ch.8 Sec.1)


    “There is a purpose in life.  This is the amazing message conveyed by the Bible.  The moment we open our eyes to the teachings of the Bible, we see everything differently.  Therefore our whole lives completely change.”  (Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Living Water V1, Ch.2)


    “There is more power in that little book to save men, and purify, gladden and beautify their lives, than in all other literature put together...I have in mind as I write a man who was the most complete victim of strong drink I ever knew; a man of marvelous intellectual gifts, but who had been stupefied and brutalized and demonized by the power of sin, and he was an infidel. At last the light of God shone into his darkened heart, and by the power of that book he has been transformed into one of the humblest, sweetest, noblest men I know to-day.  What other book would have done that?”  (R.A. Torrey, Moody Bible Institute Special Lecture, Ten Reasons Why I Believe the bible is the Word of God)


    The fact that the Bible contains the power of God to change people testifies that it is the Word of God written for mankind. In fact, we can say that this is the core of bible theory.


    “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).


    The author of Hebrews states that “the word of God is quick, powerful, and sharp” such that it “pier[ces] even to the diving asunder of soul and spirit...and discern[s]...the thoughts and intents of the heart.”  The Word demonstrates its power first and foremost in the spirit of man.  In other words, God wants to work on man as shown in the following words:


    “And the LORD visited Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did unto Sarah as he had spoken” (Genesis 21:1).

    “He sent his word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (Psalms 107:20).

    “This is my comfort in my affliction: for thy word hath quickened me” (Psalms 119:50).


    In John Ch. 4, all that happened was that as the Word entered the heart of the Samaritan woman as she simply conversed with Jesus, without her knowing it, she had changed.  Her life completely changed.  From a dark life of drawing water from the well while avoiding people’s notice because of the shame of having had six husbands to an amazing evangelist who introduced Jesus Christ to the whole village.  Richard Baxter, a prominent English Puritan church leader in the 17th Century, was well aware of the power of God that could change man through the Bible.  So he proclaimed,


    “Those who are rash, quietly whisper with Job.  Those who are weak, look at Elijah.  Those without a song in their hearts, listen to David.  Politicians, read the Book of Daniel.  Those whose spiritual lives are shallow, pay attention to Paul.  Those who are complacent, do not forget the Epistle of James.  Those without hope for the future, see the promised land spoken of in Revelations.”


    Pastor Ock Soo Park knows the power of the Word of God who works on man.  And through the countless Bible Seminar he holds throughout the world, he emphasizes the following:


    “Dearest folks, tonight I do not ask for any volition from you.  I do not ask for any decision from you.  If, tonight, you open the doors of your heart and the Word of God enters into you and Jesus Christ rules over your hearts, you will know that there is no need for you yourself to fight with sin.  You will no longer need to try to stop drinking, to quit smoking, to stop stealing, to stop living a prodigal life.  Jesus Christ who is inside of you will help you overcome all the sins in your heart.  He will free you from lustful thoughts, dirty thoughts, a heart to hate others, loathing.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park, The Secret of the Forgiveness of Sins, p.15)


    Heaven comes down and God dwells in the hearts of those who receive the Word of God.  This is the same work as God creating the heaven and the earth through the Word in the beginning.  God’s Word did not only work in the beginning.  Even now, it is still working and creating the world of God in the hearts of those who receive the word.


    “As I read the Bible more and more, I can feel God creating a new heart that I did not have before.  Before, when I did not have spiritual thoughts, my heart was led by the desires, leisure and pleasures of the flesh.  However as an unimaginable new world of the heart began to form, I was thankful whenever I saw God strongly leading my heart.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park, April 22, 2007 Sunday Sermon)


    “When reading the Bible, the amazing thing is that thoughts I didn’t have before come to me.  When I was young, there was a tofu factory on my way to school.  It’s really interesting to watch tofu being made.  When you sprinkle salt water on the black soybean milk, lumps of tofu begins to form and float to the top.  Because it was so interesting to watch, I would often be late for school.  In the same way, when I read the Bible, it’s so amazing to see a heart that I didn’t have before form within me.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park, Tokyo Bible Seminar, May 2, 2006)


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