• The Bible, the Map of Life




    The Bible, the Map of Life





    “The Bible is a very striking book. All of life’s cases can be found in the Bible, as well as the solutions for every problem in life.  In other words, there is no problem in life that the Bible cannot solve.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park, IYF Seoul University Student Meeting, June 18, 2011).


    Pastor Ock Soo Park, who has preached the gospel all over the world for the past 50 years, stresses that the Bible shows us every case in life; a map of life that can solve all problems in life.  In other words, the Bible is the word of the living God recorded for our lives.  This point is very important.


    Among the countless faces in the history of mankind, how many have lived lost, in strife and pain?  Of course, even today there are those who have lost their way and wander through life.  The cause and solution can be found in Pastor Ock Soo Park’s Bible Theory.  Just as a person loses his way when traveling a new path alone without a map, anyone living without a Bible will end up wandering through life.  On the other hand, Pastor Ock Soo Park proclaims that anyone can live an upright and joyful life if he lives according to the Bible.


    “When we read the Bible, we can learn why one becomes an alcoholic, a game addict, or a fornicator, and we can also find the solution for it.  Because the Bible clearly illustrates the world of the heart, we can discern the heart that leads to crime and to addiction.  Therefore, if we teach our children through the Bible, we can lead our children in the right direction.  And through the Bible, anyone can live an upright and blessed life.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park, Conference at the Jeonbuk University Samsung Culture Center, June 20, 2011)


    Regarding this characteristic of the Bible, the greatest preacher of the 20th Century, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in his Lectures on Genesis stated the following:


    “There are those who claim that the Bible has nothing to do with reality or our lives.  This is a dangerous misconception.  There is no other teaching more realistic than those teachings found in the Bible.  The Bible clearly describes our reality and gives us moral lessons regarding that reality.  As the textbook on our souls, the Bible deals with major problems in life.  Some people think that the Bible deals with problems that have nothing to do with themselves or pure theoretical problems, but the Bible states that, ‘I am interested in you.  I want to talk about you.’”  (Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Sermon at Westminster Chapel, London, 1955)


    The Bible explains that it is absolutely essential in our lives.  In particular, the Book of Psalms declares that those who meditate on the law of the Lord, in essence, the Bible which is the word of God, are blessed people who can live truly happy lives.


    “Blessed is the man…[whose] delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper” (Psalms 1:1-3).


    Those who have discovered this treasure in the Bible meditated on the scriptures daily.  And through the Bible, they discovered the upright way in life, had their problems in life solved, and gained the amazing blessings that God had prepared.  Even Abraham Lincoln, the most revered president in US history, discovered the treasure in the Bible and expressed his love for the Bible in his inaugural ceremony as follows:


    “I am able to stand here through the Bible that contains the treasure of Jesus Christ.  I will govern this country according to the Bible” (Abraham Lincoln, Presidential Inauguration Ceremony).


    Pastor Ock Soo Park also knows the purpose for which the Bible, the book of God, was written.  So no matter how busy he is, he makes time to deeply meditate on the Bible.  When faced with any problem or issue, he will open the Bible and find a solution within.  And it is through the Bible that he leads those who have fallen into hardships and problems in life.  Above all, Pastor Park emphasizes that the Bible is a map to lead us into the eternal kingdom by clearly pointing out the position of each person’s soul.


    “The Bible is a clear and detailed map that leads our souls to heaven.  Today, while many people know the location of heaven, because they do not know their own position, they are lost, not knowing whether to go up or down, left or right.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park, Goats and Sheep, p.89).


    In conclusion, the Bible is a map of our life and soul.  So whoever despises the Bible, their life and soul will be miserable.  But whoever treats the Bible with respect, their life and soul will be happy.





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