• Introduction to Bible Theory


    Introduction to Bible Theory





    1. Introduction to Bible Theory


    “To this day Satan leads people, especially theologians, to claim that the Bible is not the word of God.  But this is something that only people who have not experienced the power of God that appears in the Bible can say, not having read the Bible properly.  The Bible is the word of the living God.  I will preach to the whole world that the Bible is the word of the living God.”  (Pastor Ock Soo Park – Mahanaim Founding Service, Sept. 25, 2007)


    The Bible, the word of God, is the book of God (the Creator of heaven and earth and all things in between) that was given to man with a special purpose. God personally selected about 40 reporters to reveal through language, recorded in words, His purpose and heart for man.  Only through the Bible can man accurately know the fundamental and definitive truth of God and the gospel of salvation, the origins of all things in the universe and man, life’s purpose and meaning, the spiritual world, life after death, the roots of sin and good, the secret of forgiveness of sin and being born again, and the path to happiness and eternal life.


    That is why the Bible is the one and only standard of spiritual life, the fundamental source of theology.  The apostles of the Early Church and Christian reformists placed the authority of God “solely on the Bible” and made every effort to translate the Bible into every language and to distribute it to every nation so that every person could easily learn the truth in the Bible.  The result is that the Bible is the most translated book in the world (in 2,479 languages as of 2008) with the widest distribution so that over 97% of the world’s population has the Bible available in their own native languages.  Truly the Bible is “the book of books” without peer.  And as the longest living best seller, countless people have come to properly know God and receive eternal life through the Bible.


    But this is what Satan, the one who rebels against God, fears and loathes the most.  And just as he had done with Adam and Eve, Satan has fiercely worked against the word of God, the Bible.  Since before Christ, Satan has tried to corrupt the Bible through philosophers in Alexandria, obliterate its entirety through persecution by the Roman Empire, and the fabrication of a false Bible by the Roman Catholic Church.  And following the 19th century, Satan has succeeded in planting different theories such as Charles Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” and Karl Marx’s “Das Kapital” into the hearts of people, causing them to deny both God and the Bible.


    In particular, the birth of liberal theology, which criticized and reinterpreted the Bible through a humanistic point of view in the 19th and 20th century would turn the theological world into a warzone.  Liberal theology made inroads into theology schools that taught and studied the Bible one by one.  So even amongst evangelists, distrust regarding the infallibility of the Bible grew.  And now in the US, 40% of evangelical theologians and 53.8% of evangelical theology students do not accept the Bible literally.


    With the foundation of spiritual life collapsing and today’s Christian world facing a serious crisis, the need for religious reformation is obvious.  Just as the Protestant Reformers in the 16th century witnessed the Bible as the word of God and brought an end to the Dark Ages and spread the gospel around the world, God will bring about another reformation in this last generation through His servants whose trust in the Bible is absolute.


    This Bible theory constitutes the first chapter of Pastor Ock Soo Park’s systematic theology who follows the spiritual lives of the Christian Reformers who believed that the Bible was 100% the world of the infallible God.  And based on the biblical outlook of Pastor Ock Soo Park whose life testifies that all of the promises in the Bible are even now being fulfilled, we will examine the truth of the Bible that was discovered by the great theologians.  This Bible theory is the cornerstone that opens up a time where the gospel is witnessed to the ends of the earth and the Holy Spirit is with us till the end of time.


    We hope that you, the reader, have gained a proper understanding of the Bible, the word of the infallible God, and live a blessed life through faith.





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