• I was a Miss Korea who had nothing to accomplish more.…




    1. Childhood that Was Filled with the Caring of Adults

    My mother stills remembers when I was born. I was the only daughter born between my older brother and younger brother. When my relatives and other elderly people came to see me, they all exclaimed, saying “How pretty the baby is! She is like a multiracial child.” Because of my extraordinary foreign appearance in elementary school days, some friends of my father used to say “In-mi will become a Miss Korea.” Since young, many people had cared for me, and I had grown without any major problems.


    2. Teaching that I Learned as a Tennis Player, “I Can Do It if I Try”

    In the fifth grade of elementary school, I started learning tennis, fascinated by tennis matches that my brother was competing in. As I was talented, I became a member of the Incheon City tennis team. The team coach reminded us repeatedly with harsh training, “You can do anything if you try. Nothing is impossible to accomplish.” This teaching came deeply into my mind without my realization. “Yes, I can do it. What can’t I do? If I try, I can do anything.”


    3. Miss Korea In-mi Cho whose Dream Came True

    For the preparation of the college entrance exam, I left the tennis team in the second grade of high school. But the spirit “I can do it”, which I had gained as a tennis player, still remained in my heart and led my life strongly as a center force. After entering college, my childhood dream “Miss Korea In-mi Cho”, came true. With the help of the chief manager of a hair salon near my school, I was introduced to a famous hair salon in Myung-dong, which had been known as a professional institution to raise and train the candidates of the Miss Korea Beauty Contest. In that hair salon, 15 candidates were grooming themselves and receiving training. Finally, I won in the contest.


    4. Arrogant Heart that I Gained after Winning in the Miss Korea Beauty Contest

    Winning in the contest changed me and my life tremendously.

    On TV, newspapers, and school flan cards, my name was mentioned. There was nobody who didn’t recognize me at the school. “That is the Miss Korea girl!,“ people talked to one another about me. With the attention and jealousy of people around me, I lived a proud life. Naturally, I became more interested in decorating myself than studying, and made friends with other Miss Korea winners. I dated men from good families at hotel buffets and was even contacted by entertainment agencies. But seeing their unfair custom, I gave up on entering the entertainment field.


    5. My Career and the Entrance of a Graduate School which Made Me Believe More Strongly about Myself

    After graduating from college, I had to decide about my career. My family members and relatives advised me that I should get a job, so I applied to a company and worked there. But six month later I realized that most of the women in high positions in the company had master’s degrees. This fact stimulated my spirit of challenge. While working, I prepared for the entrance exam of a graduate school and could pass it in six months. I thought, “Sure, I can do it. Nothing is impossible to me.” After finding a job and entering a graduate school without any problems, I started to believe more strongly that I could do anything if I tried.


    6. Witnessing that “You Can Do Anything if You Try”

    After graduation, I taught at schools such as Sungsin Women’s University, Incheon University, International University, Youngdong University, Sookmyung Women’s University, and Kyunggi University. The fact that I could teach at my alma mater at age 30 made me feel proud. Whenever I had chances, I advised my students to work harder since they could do anything if they tried. I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and worked at a company and taught at schools before returning home after midnight. Even though I was tired, I overcame hardships with my strong will and strongly trusted myself. 


    7. Dream Wedding that Everyone Envied

    In 2004, I could even enter the Ph. D program which everyone wished to join in. It seemed that all my dreams came true. The only dream unfulfilled was marriage. Because my parents were afraid that I might miss the best time to get married due to my studies, I promised them that I would marry right after entering the Ph. D program. Then one professor in my school, who had received a Ph. D in America, became interested in me, and I decided to marry him only after meeting him a few times. My family and his family both hurried to arrange a wedding ceremony, and many professors and friends attended to celebrate our envious wedding.


    8. Marriage like a Nightmare

    It seemed that all my dreams came true, but something unexpected happened. My husband, who seemed so nice, turned to have a case of Othello Syndrome right after the wedding. The pinkish sweet dream of a honeymoon broke into pieces and days of nightmares continued. At first, I thought he felt he could not trust me since we married just after seeing each other for only three months. I tried to endure the hard situation and waited, but he got worse and worse. Because I didn’t want to be called a divorcee, I tried whatever I could to keep my marriage straight. But nothing worked out. My belief that “I can do anything” started to shatter, and finally I ended up getting divorced after having a child.


    9. Crumbled while Taking Treatments of Neuropsychiatry

    But the divorce was not the end. Even though I was awarded custody of my son, he was told to see his father twice a month. He felt uneasy and afraid to stay with his father. Whenever he left to visit him, I groaned and moaned in fear and pain. Since I was a Christian, I put my hands on my son’s head and prayed when he returned home. But I saw some dark smoke come from his head that filled his room with complete darkness. I was absolutely terrified and could not fall asleep. My heart was withered and sank down to the bottom. At last, I started taking treatments of neuropsychiatry.


    10. Pastor Park who I Met when Nobody Could Hold Me

    I just wanted to run away. Nobody, including myself, could hold me. There was not even one person who could understand my pain. I was only seeking God. While I was preparing for leaving Korea and going to America, one of my acquaintances invited me to a Christmas Cantata held at Aramnoori Theater in Ilsan on December 28, 2008. Looking at the children performing with bright smiles with Santa costumes, I thought of my son and felt more upset. Before the performance started, I met Pastor Ock-soo Park. After listening to me for about 10 minutes, he asked me to come to Daeduck on the following day since we could not talk more due to the limited time.


    11. One Streak of Light that Entered into My Life through the Fellowship with Pastor Park

    Strangely, at our first meeting, I could listen to his invitation. Even though there were many events scheduled such as professors’ meetings, because it was near the end of the year, I went to a retreat of the Good News Mission held in Daeduck the next day. December 30 is the day that I cannot forget. Meeting with Pastor Park removed the darkness in my heart and filled it with light. While listening to the words of faith which I could not hear from my currently attended church, the Scripture “But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness” (Romans 4:5) washed all my sins and let my spirit be born again. The world that God works, instead of my working, started in my life.


    12. New Life That Was Opened by the Grace of God, Not by My Efforts

    The result of my life while I was living with holding the heart “I can do anything” was pain and misfortune. But the life led by God’ grace was absolutely different. The first difference was that insomnia, the darkness that I have suffered from every night, disappeared. My heart became filled with rest and peace that I could not have before. Seeing me changing daily, my father, mother, older brother, and younger brother received salvation and entered into the life of faith. In addition, God gave me a special present. I almost gave up on completing the Ph. D program due to my marriage issue, but I could finish it in August, 2010 with the help of some friend and financial assistance. That was the grace of God. It has been seven years since I started it. I knew this was done only by the grace of God.


    13. Concern Towards the People Who Misunderstand Pastor Park

    Once a teacher who I had known for more than 10 years called me and strongly warned me against attending Pastor Park’s church. I asked him if he had ever met Pastor Park, but he said that he had heard about him numerous times even though he had never actually met him. So I said, “I have met him in person. If you judge him without even meeting with him once, that is contradictory. He saved my life through the gospel.” I felt so sorry for him because I knew that he could also receive the grace of Jesus and a blessed life if he understood the truth by listening to Pastor Park about the gospel and faith.


    14. Witnessing the New Release of Pastor Park Which Contains the Heart of God

    Now I am grateful that I live a life of seeking and receiving the grace of God whatever I do. I especially feel thankful to God for making me the Marketing Director of Pastor Park’s new release, “Who Are You Who Are Dragging Me?”

    This book has ranked #1 in the area of self-help at the Kyobo Bookstore, which is known as Korea’s best bookstore. You will find the world of God given to Pastor Park in the book.

    By reading this book, I hope that those who misunderstand Pastor Park can open their hearts and get to the turning point of their lives and receive blessings as I did.





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