• When You Win, It Becomes Happiness

  • You need strength to overcome the poison of a scorpion.

    “Yohan, can you hear me?”

    “Yes, Pastor.”

    “The doctor said you have been stung by a scorpion and you are dying because the poison is spreading all over your body.”

    “Yes, Pastor.”

    “For you to overcome the poison of the scorpion, you need strength. When you read in the book of Isaiah in the Bible, it is written that ‘they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.’ You have to look upon God now. Do not look at the situation but look upon the Lord, and then the strength of God is going to come into you. Rely, look, and wait upon God with all your heart. Do you understand? You have to listen to me carefully. Do not let various difficulties come to you, but just look upon God. Then He will work in you.


    One day I was informed that one of the Good News Corp volunteers who was in Africa was stung by a scorpion and was dying. His heart stopped two times, his whole body stiffened and the doctor gave up on him. My heart sank. In this situation I could only rely upon God and told the student to also look upon God. But as the student accepted that word as it is, he recovered, regaining his health.


    Cancer Cells and Natural Killer Cells


    In our body, cancer cells make their own blood vessels and connect them to the original vessels in our body and take all the nutrients. That is why, even though cancer patients eat good food, it is only the cancerous tumor that gets bigger, while the patient suffers from malnutrition since all the nutrients go to the cancer cells. Even in the body of normal people, 3,000-5,000 cancer cells are being formed every day. However, most of the normal people do not suffer from cancer even though they have 3,000-5,000 cancer cells being formed every day. That is because of the natural killer, NK cells in the white blood cells of our body that consume the cancer cells in the blood vessels. We are never going to suffer from cancer if the NK cells are activating normally. But if people go through sufferings, fall into fear and get worried, the activity of NK cells decrease. Then NK cells are unable to consume all the cancer cells; therefore, the remaining cancer cells form a colony and finally dominate the person’s body.


    When You Have a Weak Heart, You Will Fall


    Just as there are dangerous, harmful cancer cells and beneficial NK cells in our body, it is also the same in the world of our heart. There is no one who is not being attacked by pathogens. Just as we consume germs when we drink and cancer cells are being formed, there are also spiritual diseases of the heart. Fear, the pang of conscience, pain, anxiety, and temptation become a disease in the hearts of humans. Normal people are able to overcome the disease of the heart but people with weak hearts and with problems are unable to overcome even a small problem. When our immune system is strong, we do not get malaria even if the malaria mosquito bites us, and also, do not suffer from diseases even if germs attack us, because the body can defeat them. It is the same for the world of the heart. When the heart is weak, even small problems become great burdens, causing you to long for relief. When it is unable to be digested in the heart, you suffer and then fall into problems. There are people who overcome when fear, sadness, and suffering come to visit them. However, people with weak hearts fall because of these and collapse.


    There are times I meet female students who were sexually assaulted. Some of the students, after the assault, can still live healthy lives, even though they are extremely angry and feel dejected. They can never forget about what happened but reject their heart and live diligently. This is because their heart is strong. However, other students who have weak hearts after the assault fear man, hate to go out, and are unable to rest because they are being captured by anger. They finally become insane as their minds gradually are weakened and become exhausted. 


    You Are More Than Conquerors


    Just as we need NK cells to conquer the cancer in our body, we need strength to overcome sadness, anger, and pain in our heart. A few years ago, one of the students I know fell from a high place as she was working in Ghana, Africa and her first vertebra was broken. We wanted to move her to Korea to have an operation but none of the airlines wanted to accept a passenger who had to be lying down. Fortunately, we could move her to Frankfurt because Lufthansa German Airlines allowed us to make a bed with the seats in the plane. Thankfully, she received the operation in the Frankfurt hospital where the doctor was the world’s best spinal surgeon. She had two operations - one from the back side and the other from the chest. However, they said that she would have to spend the rest of her life lying down. When I first heard that, I felt “How am I supposed to meet the student who has to spend the rest of her life lying down? How am I supposed to talk about such things to her parents? How can I dispatch Good News Corp students from now on? Then I remembered the word in Romans chapter 8 verse 37 in the Bible as I felt many complicated thoughts and had no strength to overcome the darker heart.


    “Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.”

    The words saying we are more than conquerors through Jesus who loves us, became great strength and hope.

    ‘Yes, I had many difficulties in the past but I conquered them all through Jesus. There is nothing that cannot be conquered through Jesus. It is so for this, too. This is not a problem; it is rather a blessing. Just like this, I could conquer pain and sadness in my heart.

    I called her parents and let them know about the situation as soon as possible. She was brought to Korea and when I met her I asked,

    “Hye-Jin, how is your heart?”

    If she were a normal student, she might be sad and disappointed in this kind of situation, and if the situation was serious, might have tried to commit suicide. But surprisingly, she was overcoming this difficulty.

    “I thank God very much. I have the heart that He is going to cure me one day. Then I will go back to Africa and live the rest of my life there.”

    I was really thankful as I heard this from her and I cannot express all that thankfulness with words.


    After this, a few years have passed. There was gradual improvement, and recently she regained strength in her legs by building up muscles in her joints and the doctor said she is going to be cured soon. I do not know how much happier we can be. There is no one who is without sadness and difficulties. But the pain, sadness, and difficulties become happiness and joy only if there is a power to conquer.

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