• 1.To solve the fundamental problem of suicide


    Life is to have a flowing heart.


    In Chinese movies, stories about revenge appear often. There are people in this world who live their entire life only to get revenge because they were unable to get rid of a grudge. When people have hatred and a grudge, it ruins their lives. Only captured by abhorrence and a grudge, this person is unable to do anything else but simply ends up as a slave of revenge.


    There is a person called Joseph in the Bible. Joseph’s brothers hated him, so they cast him into a pit thinking of killing him. Later, they just sold him to traders for 20 shekels of silvers. Joseph was taken to Egypt and became a slave to Potiphar, the captain of the guard of Pharaoh. Later, because Joseph resisted the temptation of Potiphar’s wife, he was set up and imprisoned. In prison, he interpreted the dream of the chief butler of Pharaoh and later interpreted the dream of Pharaoh. Pharaoh saw the wisdom in Joseph and set him over all the land of Egypt. After he had been set over all the land of Egypt, no story about his abhorrence or revenge towards the wife of Potiphar, who had him sent to prison, can be found in the Bible. Also, when he met his brothers who tried to kill him and sold him as a slave, he never tried to get revenge. The brothers trembled with fear that Joseph would get revenge because of what they did to him, but Joseph never had such a heart. Instead, he took care of them and loved them. Joseph got rid of all the abhorrence and revenge in his heart by faith.


    Today if we open our hearts, treat other people with an open heart, and accept their heart, it is not only me that becomes happy, but I can become a person who makes others happy too. When you make soup and add a spice, it tastes like the spice. If you add anchovies, it will taste like anchovies. Likewise, if we have hatred in our heart, hatred is going to be shown in our life. If we have evil, then evil will be revealed. If we have fear, then fear shows up. Even though hatred, abhorrence, fear, and lustfulness, which are inside the heart, are not seen outwardly, these become the core factors that can destroy our lives.


    People know how to treat a stomach ulcer and how to treat hypertension. People know very well about their bodies, but they do not know how to treat the illness within the heart. There are many occasions in which life is destroyed because of what happens in the heart, but the necessary treatment is not known. They leave the lustfulness, desires, abhorrence, and fear as they are in their heart. There are many people in this world whose whole lives are destroyed by being held in fear, lustfulness, and hatred because they cannot get rid of these.


    Even though King Saul tried to kill David, David did not hate Saul. How did he learn such a heart? How could he get rid of hatred and abhorrence within his heart? How could Joseph get rid of resentment and hatred towards his brothers and abhorrence towards the wife of Potiphar who set him up and sent him to the prison? When God made the heart of human beings He made the hearts to flow form heart to heart. If I have the same heart with someone, then my heart flows with that person. When the heart flows, I become happy when that person is happy, and I become sad when that person is sad. If threatening poison is in the heart of that person, the poison is transferred to me, and if peace is in the heart of that person, that peace is transferred to me as well. It is the same for God and human beings. It is not about just attending church, but if the heart of God is found in the Bible and our hearts flow with the heart of God, we change to become like God.


    The peace, love, hope and happiness that is not in us but are in God comes into us, and oppositely, the fear, abhorrence, hatred, and lustfulness, which God hates, recede gradually from us. As we discover God through the Bible and as we share same heart with God, unbeknown to us, we naturally begin to hate sin. The heart to hate and abhor others disappears, and the lustful and evil heart collapse as it rises within us. Then true peace, happiness, and love enter our heart, and we can love others since we treat them with these hearts. We can overcome whatever suffering we are in with hope, and we can calm whatever abhorrence within us with the heart of God.


    A faithful life is not about going to church diligently or doing something diligently. It is about my heart flowing with the heart of God. Even between couples, siblings, and friends our heart has to flow together. Then we began to miss each other, want to meet, and be happy. A sincere person is someone who opens their heart towards people around them and exchanges hearts. On the contrary, if a person closes his heart and falls into his own thoughts, the mind weakens. Most of the people who commit suicide are people like the person that has closed his heart and has fallen into his own thoughts. That is why the most evil person is someone who is captured within himself.


    Today, if we open our hearts and treat others with our hearts and accept their hearts, then it is not only me that becomes happy, but we will be a person that makes others happy as well.


    Pastor Ock Soo Park


    Chief Advisor of IYF

    Senior Pastor, Good News Gang-Nam Church




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