Mahanaim Theology School

Mahanaim Cyber Theology School Changes the World
by Teaching Biblical Knowledge and a Life of Faith

Mahanaim Theology School is affiliated with the Good News Mission, which was founded by Pastor Ock Soo Park and influenced by English and American missionaries who preached the orthodox Gospel in Korea. Led by the Word of God, “I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance” (Psalm 2:8), the Korea Gospel Theology School grew into the Mahanaim Cyber Theology School, a global theology school for witnessing to the whole world. Mahanaim Cyber Theology School aims to educate spiritual leaders for this generation and to preach the Gospel to the entire world.

Mahanaim Theology School initially reached its students through the Internet, allowing them to listen to lectures without the limitations of time, space, or language barriers. Different from secular theology schools, Mahanaim Theology School not only teaches theory and knowledge, but based on these, it leads the students to live true spiritual lives.

Eighteen theology courses are being taught by twenty-six faculty members who currently minister as pastors and missionaries. They are living spiritual leaders who not only teach biblical knowledge, but lead the students to live a life of faith based on their personal pastoral and mission experience of a life of faith.

Mahanaim is one of the most comprehensive cyber schools, attended by approximately 2,500 students from forty countries, and delivers courses in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Korean, languages spoken by 70% of the world’s population. Because of the inherent difficulty of people from various countries gathering to study the Bible and to learn faith, Mahanaim provides the special opportunity to study theology through the Internet. Mahanaim will reach Africa, America, Europe, China, and even the Amazon region of South America area through online education.

As Gutenberg puts Bibles into ordinary people’s hands, Mahanaim Theology School will plant the true gospel in students’ hearts. By preaching the orthodox gospel to the world through the Internet, it will preach the Gospel faster and more accurately than ever before.

Education Principles and Objectives
1. Teach Biblical truth to the ordinary people of the world
2. Guide believers to live practical, spiritual lives based on the theory and knowledge of theology
3. Raise gospel preachers of four languages to reach the world by online education

Many times throughout history, God has selected prophets to reveal His heart to the world. Whoever received His heart has changed the world. If more people can receive God's heart, the world will change into a more beautiful place. Mahanaim Theology School will take on the role to change the world by witnessing the heart of God that is contained in the Word. It will also lead more people to become God’s precious workers by teaching them to receive His heart.

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